Chai Vault partnered with Zachys on their nearly $3M Black Tie Collection auction,
with Chai Vault authenticity and provenance available online for each individual bottle.


Chai Vault is the first anti-fraud solution for wines and spirits that allows potential buyers to know a bottle is authentic and view provable provenance, before purchase, without physical proximity to the bottle. 

Consumers can now focus on buying bottles that are authentic rather than trying to avoid those that are not.


The Chai Method® - TCM®

TCM Certified Authenticators around the globe inspect and certify authentic bottles in the blockchain, creating a permanent, digital record.

Securing Authenticity

Detailed notes and photographs, the bottles’ unique ID, or "thumbprint" are inputted at time of production or following inspection by a TCM Certified Authenticator in the secondary market.


A bottle’s online Ledger of Authenticity & Provenance exists in the blockchain and can be kept private or made visible to the public for a licensed vendor to use for online marketing purposes.

Ownership Transfer

As a bottle changes hands, provenance information can be updated to include new ownership and storage information.

How does Chai Vault work?

Chai Vault is built on multiple layers of physical and virtual anti-fraud protection:

  • Multiple unique identifiers for each bottle
  • Immutable blockchain entries for every individual bottle
  • Detailed condition reports including unique individual bottle information
  • Record of provenance across multiple owners/transactions
  • Physical components designed to perform over decades of cellar storage
  • Owner control over whether bottles are visible to others

chai vault logo blockchain-based anti fraud for wine and spirits

Chai Vault makes it easy for consumers to buy provably authentic wines and spirits. Finally, a thoughtful anti-fraud solution for producers, consumers and vendors.


Chai Vault is designed to make it easy for consumers to buy provably authentic wine and spirits. For a solution like Chai Vault to succeed, it needs to work for everyone in the ecosystem – producers, consumers, and vendors (retailers, auction houses, etc.)

What does Chai Vault offer Producers?

Respect for packaging and branding

  • Chai Vault anti-fraud integrated into current packaging and branding

Supply chain confidence

  • Distributors and retailers know their stock is authentic
  • Retailers can promote the authenticity and provenance of their bottles

Brand reinforcement

  • Strengthen brand trust through Chai Vault registration and provenance tracking
  • QR code for unique bottle identification can point to producer / vendor brand information

Integration with current processes

  • Designed to integrate with current bottling line environments, minimizing operating changes

Supply chain oversight

  • RFID at the bottle level enables detailed tracking across the supply chain
  •  Enables integration between bottle level information and supply chain tracking applications

Customizable solutions to meet needs of producers and their different products 

  • Options to maximize consumer interaction
  • Options for corked, glass and screw 
    cap-topped bottles
  •  Cost effective product for mass-market and high-volume bottles to prove authenticity
  •  Bespoke solutions to track direct-to-consumer sales, and sales of fine and rare wines through varied distribution channels

What does Chai Vault offer Vendors?

Buyer confidence

Customers are loyal to trusted sources of properly sourced, authentic products

Lower labor costs

No need for lengthy bottle inspections 

Provable authenticity

Direct links to Certificates of Authenticity and Provenance™ directly available through vendor’s online selling platform

New revenue streams from certification & change of ownership fees

Increased revenue and profitability from higher prices for Chai Vault bottles

Risk mitigation

Lower vendor risk of returns (and more) from problematic bottles

What does Chai Vault offer Consumers?

Trust in sourcing

Confidence in purchases

Provable authenticity and provenance post purchase

Chai Vault certification empowers consumers to verify bottle data in advance of purchase, from anywhere in the world.

Chai Vault empowers consumers to focus on buying bottles that are authentic rather than hoping to avoid those that are not.

Security of quality of bottles to drink as well as ease of future sale.

Ownership record 

and digital vault

Ownership visibility encrypted and controlled by owner

Increased value 

of certified assets

Clarity of ownership, authenticity and condition suitable for insurance purposes.

Others see bottles in the Chai Vault only when the owner allows it.

Consumers pay more for proven authenticity and provenance so any sales will yield higher values than without Chai Vault.

We are

Maureen Downey

Ed Baum


Chief Strategist/Co-founder

Dubbed “The Sherlock Holmes of Wines”, Maureen Downey is an independent expert on fine and rare wine and wine collection management, and is the foremost global authority on wine and spirits fraud, counterfeit wine and fine wine authentication. 

She advises the world’s top collectors in purchasing, selling, and managing their collections with her firm, Chai Consulting, founded in 2005.

In 2015, she launched to help assist both the wine trade and collectors become educated about the realities of wine fraud and counterfeiting in global markets, as well as how to authenticate fine wines.

It now has over 40,000 images of both authentic and counterfeit bottles, labels, ink, corks and capsules to aid members in authentication.

Ed is the business person behind Chai Vault. Ed has 30+ years of consulting and operational experience, both with large companies and with startups.

Before co-founding Chai Vault, Ed spent 12 years in various executive positions with Cisco. Ed ran global strategy, planning and operations across the Cisco Cloud Platform & Solutions group as well as being the general manager of multiple cloud infrastructure software products. He also ran strategy & planning for Cisco’s Services organization for many years.

Ed also actively engages with the Silicon Valley startup ecosystem. He has been a CEO mentor for more than a dozen startups going through Alchemist Accelerator, and continues to advise many of those companies on their strategies, operations, and fund-raising activities.

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