Chai Vault is the first anti-fraud solution for wines and spirits that allows potential buyers to know a bottle is authentic and view provable provenance, before purchase, without physical proximity to the bottle. 

Consumers can now focus on buying bottles that are authentic rather than trying to avoid those that are not.

The Chai Method® - TCM®

TCM Certified Authenticators around the globe inspect and certify authentic bottles in the blockchain, creating a permanent, digital record.

Securing Authenticity

Detailed notes and photographs, the bottles’ unique ID, or "thumbprint" are inputted at time of production or following inspection by a TCM Certified Authenticator in the secondary market.

A bottle’s online Ledger of Authenticity & Provenance exists in the blockchain and can be kept private or made visible to the public for a licensed vendor to use for online marketing purposes.


As a bottle changes hands, provenance information can be updated to include new ownership and storage information.

Ownership Transfer

Securing the authenticity and provenance of fine wines and spirits.

Chai Vault proves bottle-level authenticity by layering multiple forms of identification on top of blockchain security. The Chai Vault solutions solves for authentication and registration at the time of production or once bottles are in the secondary market and are authenticated and certified.

Chai Vault makes it easy for consumers to buy provably authentic wines and spirits. Finally, a thoughtful anti-fraud solution for producers, consumers and vendors.

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